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Caroline Matthews
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Collaborative and multifunctional

Moonday is an online platform that allows you to manage the multitude of information for film professionals.

Macbook Pro and iPhone showing the detail page of a production on Moonday

Professional Network

On your personal timeline, follow what you’re interested in: news, activities of your company and more!

“Thanks to Moonday, I can connect with other companies and keep me up to date with news on the different productions that we support. Moonday is a LinkedIn for audiovisual professionals”. — Julien (Film Fund)

Organised Database

Find very specific information about companies, people & films. Don’t miss any attractive project!

“Prospecting new films has never been easier! Moonday's database allows me to find new projects and notifies me every time a production I might be interested in appears on the platform! It's like IMDb but monitored by AI”.
— Richard (Sales agent)

Communication Tools

Share many features (a pipeline, tasks, notes & agenda) with your team. No more information lost in translation!

“Having a pipeline and communication tools allows us to collaborate and to communicate efficiently on productions no matter where we are in the world”. — Isabel (Producer)

Daily News

Get reviews, interviews and the latest news about cinema and the audiovisual industry on your favorite app!

“I don't need to chase after information anymore. Every time I log in to Moonday, I know that the news I am interested in will automatically appear in my timeline”.
— Maria (Producer)

Don't take our word for it: read what our users have to say!

“Since I've been using Moonday, I can follow and share with my team the information on all the movies we have in prospect.” // Eduardo (Distributor)

“Moonday is easy to use and allows me to save a lot of time both in my personal organization and in that of my company.” // Hannah (Producer)

“I use Moonday every day to keep me up to date with industry news. It has become simple to exchange with my collaborators in real-time.” // Eric (International Sales Agent)

“With Moonday, I can easily get information on all the films we support.” // Philip (Film Fund)

On Moonday, find all the information you need about cinema and audiovisual companies

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Why is Moonday the solution you need?

Moonday wants to simplify contacts within the audiovisual industry and create business opportunities for all professionals in the sector. Moonday's mission is simple: to centralise all necessary information and create contacts between professionals to make them more productive.

Centralising all data

Moonday centralises all information related to the audiovisual industry and makes communication easier.

Real-time updates

The Moonday database is complete and permanently updated on current and future film projects. You save loads of time in your research and encoding activities, as well as in the follow-up of your past projects and achievements.

Team collaboration

No information lost in translation. And you just save hundreds of e-mails. Moonday is your best companion to share information on production and societies with your team.

Rights management made easier

A standard company analyses around 100 film projects each year - this is very complex to manage. Moonday makes rights management and film commercialisation easier than ever.

Streamlining professional meetings

Moonday gathers all interactions between potential partners and streamlines your professional meetings. Your company is one click away.

Peer-only social network

Get in touch with professionals in the cinema industry thanks to the only existing film-focused community - not only a directory - social network.