About us

About us

We think that Information and Networking are the heart of cinema and audiovisual industry and the main resource to develop your activity. That’s why Moonday exists.

What's Moonday?

Your first B2B social network with AI-powered database for cinema and audiovisual professionals to find, manage and collaborate on productions.

Belgian start-up,  Moonday is born from an Olivier Bronckart’s idea, former producer, distributor and manager of financial companies in the audiovisual sector for more than 20 years. He worked on more than 250 films in his career.

As a regular at professional meetings and festival management, he found it difficult to gather information quickly in real-time without ending up with a fairly large pile of paper.

Our team consists of 17 people including data collectors who help us build our database.

A professional social media dedicated to you

Post, like, comment, follow your present and future partners.

Indeed, the non-commercial algorithms used by Moonday are simpler and healthier, you build your own community based on YOUR already existing network. So Post, share, invite your partners from the sector to join & follow you! 

Apart from distributors who communicate with the public, professionals in our sector do not need to communicate with their customers (B2C), but with their partners (B2B)! On traditional social networks, how many people do you really reach with your message? Very few!

 Did you know that a Facebook post only reaches between 3% to 25% of your community? The more “followers” you have, the lower this percentage will be. What about getting the right target? Posting on Moonday is a promise to reach 100% of a professional audience. 

A collaborative database

By putting your filmography on Moonday, you help to enrich and develop in real time the database. Thanks to you, we keep moving forward !

 It evolves everyday thanks to our artificial intelligence scientists’ work. Data collectors are also part of the team and manually enrich the database thanks to public information. Finally, the evolution of the database relies directly on the Moonday community! 

For ex.You are a producer and you have to deal with dozens of emails asking for the same information about your film. Why waste so much time answering everyone the same thing? Encode it on Moonday once and send all your partners to the platform.

A better way to communicate with your team

Take your notes down, create your to-do list and share your prospecting board with your team.

A designed tool for funds, commissions & unions specific needs

Do you work for a fund or a commission and struggle every quarter to draw up your balance sheet?

How does it work?

Moonday is in free access. You can register, use the database and communicate through the social network for free.
However, the free version limits you in the use of management tools such as the prospecting pipeline, tasks and note taking. Want the unlimited version? Go to the Premium version.

As explained above, Moonday uses no commercial algorithms, ensuring you reach 100% of your audience without paying a penny! Our business model is developed around two axes:

Moonday is in free access. You can register, use the database and communicate through the social network for free.

The tool dedicated to funds and commissions. We have developed a revolutionary tool that allows funds and commissions to write their assessments in a snap. This feature is commercially available.

Advertising. You will soon see advertisements on Moonday. Obviously, it will always be related to the cinema and audiovisual sector. Moonday’s algorithms are non commercial, any users research or info do not and cannot be sponsored. To get rid of it, you can upgrade to the Premium version.

Our team


Olivier Bronckart - round pic

Olivier Bronckart - CEO

+32 478 44 03 45 - obronckart@moondayapp.com

Christophe Deliens - round pic

Christophe Deliens - CTO

+32 497 70 20 02 - cdeliens@moondayapp.com


Grégoire Duquenne - Business Developer

+32 471 81 20 18 - gduquenne@moondayapp.com

Chandy Pirard - Business Developer

+32 472 27 22 62 - cpirard@moondayapp.com

Victoria Balme - Sales Representative


Caroline Matthews - Sales Assistant




Kevin Moesker - Lead Data Scientist


They trust us

Moonday offers to go digital without taking away the importance of face-to-face meetings for professionals. Thanks to Moonday, distributors and sales agents save a considerable amount of time, while producers have the opportunity to make their developing projects known more easily.