About Us

We build a future for our industry

Our team is committed to reset the cinema and audiovisual industry working standards.

Our Mission

Moonday is a web App with a simple idea: to allow cinema and audiovisual professionals (including producers, international sales agents, financing companies or funds, theatres, distributors, TV or VOD broadcasters…) to save time in their daily work. Moonday is the interconnection between a professional social network and CRM tools (that allows team communication). From Moonday, a company can manage all its team communication. Moonday is also a database enriched and developed in real time (using machine learning and artificial intelligence). Thanks to Moonday, a collaborative solution that consists of a multitude of dynamic tools, professionals save precious time and can devote themselves fully to the production, marketing or discovery of films and series.

Moonday's story

Founded in Belgium in 2018, operational since 2020, pre-launched at the Berlinale 2020, the collaborative communication platform Moonday was imagined and created by former producer and distributor Olivier Bronckart. To do so, he joined forces with technology expert Christophe Deliens. The project has benefited from the support of two other partners (Olivier Beaujean and Laurent Kinet), the tax shelter for start-ups, the Mons incubator Digital Attraxion and Wallimage Entreprises. When he was still a producer and distributor, Olivier Bronckart spent his time chasing information, he wasted a lot of energy and his mailbox was flooded with hundreds of emails per day. As a distributor, films were offered to him without being relevant in terms of territory or content. Drowning in indigestible information, also as a producer, the founder of Moonday understood that there was a problem of access to information in the sector. It was therefore through his experience that he thought of Moonday, a solution that centralizes data, creates obvious connections between professionals and saves considerable time. The people who shape Moonday are professionals whose first ambition is to bring cinema to life or experts in data and new technologies. Moonday's mission will always be to accompany film and audiovisual professionals and therefore regularly updates itself to keep up with their needs. For example, in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, a French producer proposed to use Moonday to gather information on stops and resumptions of filming. Moonday directly offered to adapt. Used correctly, Moonday can help identify possible confrontations of shooting dates for technicians or identify new delivery times for buyers (TVs, distributors) and theatres. Also, still as a reaction to the Covid-19 crisis, Moonday proposes a free "Covid-19" offer. Indeed, subscribe to Moonday will remain free of charge until the first day of the first festival to resume. "Moonday proposes to go digital without taking away the importance of face-to-face meetings for professionals. Thanks to Moonday, distributors and sales agents save a considerable amount of time, while producers have the opportunity to make their developing projects known more easily." Olivier Bronckart.

Industry expertise

Moonday was founded by cinema & audiovisual professionals with an extensive experience all along the production value chain.

Technology expertise

Moonday was also founded by technology experts having demonstrated successful software development achievements in the past.

Data expertise

We know that data is the raw material of our entire industry - we develop data collection, management and analytics frameworks fully dedicated to films.

Our Executive Team

Olivier Bronckart

Chief Executive Officer
20+ years in the Cinema industry. Producer, head of investment fund and distributor of multiawarded films.

Christophe Deliens

Chief Technology Officer
15 years in the tech entrepreneurship system. Led Optimy from zero to multi-million euros in revenues.

Our Board of Directors

Olivier Bronckart


Christophe Deliens

Board Member

Laurent Kinet

Board Member

Olivier Beaujean

Board Member